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Registration petitions, complaints, claims, suggestions and denunciation P.C.C.S.D

Before filing a petition, complaint, complaint or suggestion (PQRS) through this medium, carefully read the following:


  For the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) it is very important to know your concerns and efficiently respond to your requests and queries. In this regard, keep in mind that this form is exclusively designed to notify the entity of the complaints, claims, suggestions and congratulations related to its work.   For this, it is important that you know clearly that CREG's mission is to regulate the public utilities of electric power and fuel gas. The function of monitoring and controlling that these standards are met corresponds to the Superintendency of Home Public Services (SSPD).   In tariff matters, CREG determines the formulas by which companies must charge for the provision of the public service, but does not set the rates.   If it is a PQRS related to the provision of public services (quality, price and measurement) that is provided by a company, go directly to it.   If you want to put a PQRS vervalmente please contact the attention line PQRS  (57) +1 6032020 ext. 400.     If you want to file a complaint please contact the anti-corruption line (57) +1 6032020 ext. 444 or to the email anticorrupcion@creg.gov.co   If you want to initiate an investigation to punish the company for its conduct, please contact the SSPD (www.sspd.gov.co).
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There appears to be a need to file a petition, complaint or complaint; Or should I actually take my claim to another entity.


There seems to be a reason to make a claim, or I would like to make a suggestion and / or congratulation to CREG